We are a church that prays
We believe in the power of prayer
and our staff is ready to pray
 and we also have a network of volunteers
 mobilized and ready to pray for you.

Opportunities For Prayer Warriors

Weekly  prayer

Sunday Morning Pre-Service prayer at 10:00am meets in the pastor’s office.
Other weekly opportunities for you prayer warriors:
  •  Monday night at 7:00pm to 8:00pm 
  • Friday night at 7:00pm to 9:00pm. 
We meet in the church sanctuary, come and join us.

Monthly  prayer

One Church – One Day 24/7 Prayer
53 churches pray monthly into 10 strategic areas.

HCI's community prayer day is the third Wednesday of each month.
We have 1/2 hour time increments you can choose from.  Whether you choose one or more we welcome you to join us.  Please sign up using the link below or sign up in the church lobby.
Your prayers are important and we are grateful for you joining us.

Visit their website at:  if you would like more information.

2022 One Hope Accomplishments

In 2022, 83 churches, 14 ministries & 43 organizations joined together.
Objectives: Pray Together. Serve Together. Share the Good News Together

Pray Together

  • One Church – One Day 24/7 Prayer 53 churches pray monthly into 10 strategic areas.
  • Pastor/Leader Prayer 50-100 leaders gather monthly to pray for each other & our cities.
  • Pastor/Leader Prayer Summit 50+ leaders together for 3 days seeking the Lord.
  • Community-Wide Worship twice a year dozens of churches cry out together.

Serve Together

  • Sheds of Hope 143 sheds built by 36 churches, 12 schools & 26 businesses.
  • Cottages of Hope* 8 cottages built in partnership with EveryOne Village so far.
  • Project Hope 57 churches + 25 organizations partnered to serve 3500 students.
  • School Partnerships 45 churches engaged schools and mentoring trainings began.
  • Thanksgiving Meals 1300 boxes distributed to families through 32 churches.

Share the Gospel Together

  • Overflow Hope* 24 videos, 5 billboards & 1 website launched by 23 churches & ministries.
  • Individuals & churches relationally sharedthrough the serving initiatives above.