Prophecy Watch

Look what The LORD has spoken and what has already been fulfilled!  God is so good!

Jeff Taylor Tongues and Interpretation Prophecy from Sept 7, 2014 P.M.
For what shall be said of the things of the days to come? What shall be said of the days ahead? Oh, oh, oh, oh, the darkness, the darkness that’s coming! No! The Light, the Light, the Light that’s coming! Don’t fear the darkness, for My light is rising upon you. My glory be risen upon you, and Light Light Light shall shine forth In the darkness. The smallest of light always overcomes and displaces the darkness. So shall it be in these days, says the Lord. Fear not what man shall do, fear not what groups shall do. Fear not what they say they’re going to do, for it’ll all come to nothing, for My glory is greater than their darkness. For the days shall come in the days just out ahead of you, that I will begin to demonstrate My glory. It’ll first be upon My Handmaidens and My servants; the preacher’s, the Ministers of the gospel, those that have consecrated themselves and made covenants with Me, those that have paid the price, those that have allowed Me to deal strictly and strongly with their hearts. I’ll place fresh anointings, new anointings. Greater mantles shall rest mightily upon them. And they’ll all have this in common they’ll say, the Lord drew us away for a period of time and since we’ve come out of that period of time, we’ve come out of this period of time with something in the Spirit that we didn’t have before. So they’ll have to use these new mantels in new ways. Those things are in the process of happening even now, says the Lord. And even now I’m preparing a people that shall receive My blessing, My outpouring. And it shall start as the river that the prophet Ezekiel said. It shall be a river. You shall go out and it will be ankle deep at first, then you’ll get into waist deep, and then you’ll go out again and you’ll get into Waters that you swim in. It’ll start gradually, but it shall surely go up quickly. The river is rising. The river of My Presence and my glory and the great move of God is rising in your midst. Prepare for it, for before the end of this year you’ll see fuller and greater manifestations of My Glory.
When you get over into 2015 there will be greater threats and greater things that happen in the natural world, political unrest will continue. But I will glow upon my church, I will begin to shine with brightness upon my church. Miracles will begin to happen with common occurrences, beginning here in Oregon and moving east across these United States. Pockets of revival will begin to sprout and multiple weeks, and multiple days and multiple times and months where they’ll be those that will be gathered that will get caught up in My Glory for 24 hours. it will not just be here a little and there a little, it’ll be a full demonstration of My Manifested Power. You will not have to say, go over here, or go over there, to visit the move of God, for the move of God will be among you.
By the end of 2015 there will be those that will no longer be with us, for they will not judge themselves, and their ministries will be removed off the scene, and they’ll go to their reward. But there will be those that will take their place with new mantles and new anointings, new enduements and endowments from the Spirit. They shall rise up and take their place. No longer shall it just be in word only, but it shall be in demonstration. No longer shall the emphasis be in just doctrine and in the spoken Word, but it’ll be signs and wonders and demonstrations, for these are the days that I demonstrate My Power and My Glory among those who have called unto Me.
Then, oh what shall happen in 2016? For the one who stands in the head office of this nation in the government, that man shall go out of office in shame and a righteous man will take his place. And righteousness will begin to reign again in the halls of America and revival will come from the National offices to the State offices to the City offices, for it shall trickle down to those who receive of Me. I will even make my righteousness reign in the halls of government. Then there shall be a great turn to Me, says the Lord, the Great Harvest of souls, not just in this nation, but all nations that I will visit. Don’t fear those things that are going on behind communist governments, for I the Lord am working on the church there, and they shall no longer be hidden, but I am going to bring them to the forefront with great signs and wonders, and no man shall be able to lay a hand against them. I am moving in the areas of the Arab nations, in Europe, Africa, and in Central and South America. I am moving in the Asian countries already, for you’re behind them, says the Lord—not only in time, as far as the day, but you’re behind them spiritually, for they’ve are already consecrated. Most of them have consecrated themselves under Me, for they do not have the distractions that you have, so they’ve consecrated it all to Me already, and I’m already beginning to pour it out among them.
These days great Light shall come upon the entire Earth so that those will see My demonstrations of raising the dead, of doing miracles. They’ll see it with their own eyes and their hearts will melt, and they’ll turn to Me and the end shall come, a glorious catching away, a glorious movement that shall take us into the realm of glory. For the days are yet ahead; don’t fear, your redemption draws nigh, says the Lord.
Again, the word of the Lord came unto me saying, neither shall they be able to stop you, neither shall they be able to thwart it, neither shall they be able to overthrow. For the work of the devil, though he is releasing things that have never been in contact with humans before, he is only a copycat. He has seen what I have done, for I have held things in reservation for this day. They will not be able to say a thing against you. Nothing shall hurt you. Nothing shall harm you. For I am dispatching things that have never been seen.
Don’t ask me for someone else’s mantle. Don’t ask me for someone else’s anointing. Don’t ask me for what I did with them, for I plan to do something that will make those look like small days in the days ahead. Be very careful. Don’t put your affection or your attention on things that the realm of darkness is doing. Stay in my Word. Stay connected, and fellowship with Me, and I’ll show you the Light to walk in. For My Word is a lamp unto your feet. My Word is a Light unto your path. And My Spirit shows you things in the Word, and shows you things to come. Receive of His ministry. receive of the work of My Spirit, for the work shall increase and intensify in these days. No longer shall they say, I don’t know the voice of the Lord, I don’t hear the voice of the Lord, for no man shall be able to say that in these days where it shall be clear in you and with you. This is the will of GOD, walk ye in it, sayeth the Lord your God.