What God Is Saying About Oregon
Appeal To Heaven Conference
June 30, 2019  – Clay Nash
Oregon is about to get an organ transplant. God said I am about to take the heart of the liberal, that stoney heart that has set itself against God and God’s way.  And He said, I am about to bring them low because I am about to do a heart transplant in the state of Oregon.  And I’m going to take out of them the stoney heart that I might put into them a heart of flesh.  Get ready Oregon, there is a shift coming to you.
Elijah Streams show with Steve Shultz on
December 18th, 2019 – Cindy Jacobs
The Lord says Oregon, Oregon you are getting ready to an experience of revival.  The power of God is getting ready to come with a move of God.  In the next generation there’s going to be a Jesus people movement.  People are going to say it’s going to break out here and there but the Lord says it’s Oregon.  I am putting my finger on Oregon, the Lord says it’s going to begin to reverse some things in this state.  Many of you as believers have prayed for this day.  You’ve prayed and you’ve prayed and said how long oh Lord, is this ever going to change?  And the Lord says it’s going to change, it’s going to be “a suddenly”.  I’m pushing the reset button for this state and My power is going to manifest.
…And when I say to you Oregon is going to have a move of God. Everything this guy John G. Lake had, such a healing move many years ago, everything he dreamed, all of these prophesies, they’re getting ready to come together, there’s a synergism happening in the spirit.  I’ll tell you what, If I was the devil I would begin trembling in my boots right now because the glory of God is getting ready to pour out and not just in Oregon.  The whole Northwest, there is going to be a Northwest glorious move of God that’s going to flip things in the state.  And even you’ll  see the political pendants say, how could this have happened?  It’s just so rapidly happening?  And the Lord says, ’cause I am a quick God of suddenlies!