What God Is Saying About Oregon
Oregon will be a Healing State
Word For Specific Cities on the West Coast
By Rob DeLuca on July 19, 2009
“Last year I saw a whirlwind land, and it hit Oregon. It started to spin and swirl, and it was a fierce wind of fire. It landed and hit Oregon. It started burning up the forests; it was doing like a trail-blaze across Oregon. And I saw golden stones coming out of the ground—they were being pulled up and sucked into this whirlwind of fire, and they began to burn—gold stones of fire. They began to get thrown all over the state and all over the nation. And they were starting fires. And I thought to myself, “This is what I saw over in Lakeland, the big campfire with burning embers landing all over.” But I saw something happen here, in the Northwest. And the Lord just spoke to me in the last two weeks in regard to the West Coast.
From San Diego all the way up to Seattle and Vancouver, the LORD is about to do something VERY, VERY SPECIAL. Revival fire is about to breakout on the West Coast. I saw it hitting San Diego, I saw it hitting Orange County, and L.A. County, and I saw it hitting the northern counties of California. I saw it hitting Sacramento and Redding. I saw it coming up this way going right through your cities—right through Medford, right through Albany, right through Portland, and hitting Seattle. All the way up the I-5 Freeway.  More…
Appeal To Heaven Conference
June 30, 2019  – Clay Nash
Oregon is about to get an organ transplant. God said I am about to take the heart of the liberal, that stoney heart that has set itself against God and God’s way.  And He said, I am about to bring them low because I am about to do a heart transplant in the state of Oregon.  And I’m going to take out of them the stoney heart that I might put into them a heart of flesh.  Get ready Oregon, there is a shift coming to you.
Elijah Streams show with Steve Shultz on
December 18th, 2019 – Cindy Jacobs
The Lord says Oregon, Oregon you are getting ready to an experience of revival.  The power of God is getting ready to come with a move of God.  In the next generation there’s going to be a Jesus people movement.  People are going to say it’s going to break out here and there but the Lord says it’s Oregon.  I am putting my finger on Oregon, the Lord says it’s going to begin to reverse some things in this state.  Many of you as believers have prayed for this day.  You’ve prayed and you’ve prayed and said how long oh Lord, is this ever going to change?  And the Lord says it’s going to change, it’s going to be “a suddenly”.  I’m pushing the reset button for this state and My power is going to manifest.
…And when I say to you Oregon is going to have a move of God. Everything this guy John G. Lake had, such a healing move many years ago, everything he dreamed, all of these prophesies, they’re getting ready to come together, there’s a synergism happening in the spirit.  I’ll tell you what, If I was the devil I would begin trembling in my boots right now because the glory of God is getting ready to pour out and not just in Oregon.  The whole Northwest, there is going to be a Northwest glorious move of God that’s going to flip things in the state.  And even you’ll  see the political pendants say, how could this have happened?  It’s just so rapidly happening?  And the Lord says, ’cause I am a quick God of suddenlies!
Jeff Taylor Tongues and Interpretation Prophecy
September 7th, 2014 
For what shall be said of the things of the days to come? What shall be said of the days ahead? Oh, oh, oh, oh, the darkness, the darkness that’s coming! No! The Light, the Light, the Light that’s coming! Don’t fear the darkness, for My light is rising upon you. My glory be risen upon you, and Light Light Light shall shine forth In the darkness. The smallest of light always overcomes and displaces the darkness. So shall it be in these days, says the Lord. Fear not what man shall do, fear not what groups shall do. Fear not what they say they’re going to do, for it’ll all come to nothing, for My glory is greater than their darkness. For the days shall come in the days just out ahead of you, that I will begin to demonstrate My glory. It’ll first be upon My Handmaidens and My servants; the preacher’s, the Ministers of the gospel, those that have consecrated themselves and made covenants with Me, those that have paid the price, those that have allowed Me to deal strictly and strongly with their hearts. I’ll place fresh anointings, new anointings. Greater mantles shall rest mightily upon them. And they’ll all have this in common they’ll say, the Lord drew us away for a period of time and since we’ve come out of that period of time, we’ve come out of this period of time with something in the Spirit that we didn’t have before. So they’ll have to use these new mantels in new ways. Those things are in the process of happening even now, says the Lord. And even now I’m preparing a people that shall receive My blessing, My outpouring. And it shall start as the river that the prophet Ezekiel said. It shall be a river. You shall go out and it will be ankle deep at first, then you’ll get into waist deep, and then you’ll go out again and you’ll get into Waters that you swim in. It’ll start gradually, but it shall surely go up quickly. The river is rising. The river of My Presence and my glory and the great move of God is rising in your midst. Prepare for it, for before the end of this year you’ll see fuller and greater manifestations of My Glory.  more…
Vision Regarding Oregon
July 5th, 2022 at the Oregon State Capitol
By Kathi Pelton
While praying with a team of state prayer leaders in the Republican caucus room inside Oregon State Capitol, I was taken into a vision of the many people who came west on the Oregon trail. They came with family, friends, precious belongings and dreams of the beauty that awaited them.
I then saw how along the way, they lost family (children, spouses, parents), friends, precious belongings and even their dreams. What began as hope for a better life became broken hearts and broken dreams.
For those who made it all the way across to Oregon— they entered it with dreadful trauma, loss and pain. I saw them arriving into the state with hopelessness and deep grief. A spirit of death had come upon them. Their tears and trauma poured upon the land. And that spirit came into the state which even today is in the roots and foundation of our state. Overtime that spirit of death has morphed into state identity and then into laws. Spiritual orphans and widows feel drawn here (especially Portland) because the loss and survival mentality calls to them.
Then I saw the spiritual pioneers who have been blazing a trail through, prayer, praise and prophesy. They have been forging a new trail in the spirit realm. They have not relented even though they have yet to see their dream of righteousness and life come to Oregon as it is in Heaven. But they will not let go of their dream and His promise. They’ve stayed and continued to declare life, hope, dreams, identity and a spirit of sonship to come upon the State of Oregon.
They are overcoming death to usher in life— abundant life. This is a new Oregon trail— a spiritual one that has been forged in the heat of battle and strongholds of resistance. But those pioneers, who serve Yahweh, are about to reach their dream, receive their promise and see life restored to Oregon. They will arrive at their destination with dancing and high praise on their lips. They will not wear the trauma of the journey but they will display the joy of having lived in the faithful grip of God’s mercy, grace and love.
A new Oregon trail has been blazed and it is saturated with the glory of God. The pioneers are clothed in His glorious presence and they are OVERCOMERS!
I even see that many who travel to this state to end the life within their womb will encounter God and not go through with their plans but they and the life in their womb will be saved. This state will be marked by LIFE, by HOPE, by SALVATION and it shall be a refuge and a land of promise.
No matter what state or nation you are from— pray with me— this is the heart of God,
“God, we come into agreement with your plans and your original intent for the state of Oregon! It was called and set apart as a place for family, for hopes and dreams to be fulfilled, for sons and daughters to find home and family! FOR ABUNDANT LIFE! Just as the evergreens, throughout this state, remain green year round, so Oregon will yield spiritual blessings year round. A new trail has been blazed that is has ushered in life and refuge for the weary travelers. Uncompromising truth and righteousness will overtake deception and evil. Purity and unity will overcome filth and division. Glory and high praise will mark the state of Oregon to the amazement of the entire nation!”
I hear the sound of a massive pipe organ and how when it is played the sound fills the cathedral. The Lord says that the high praises of his people will cause “His glory to fill the temple!”. Oregon will be like a pipe organ of high praise that will fill the state and resound throughout the nation— even into nations! We will fall on our faces and cry out “Holy, holy, holy are You!”
“Then brought he me the way of the north gate before the house: and I looked, and, behold, the glory of the LORD filled the house of the LORD: and I fell upon my face.” Ezekiel 44:4
We believe and we receive your word for Oregon, Lord! Thank you for your mercy that triumphs over judgement and for seeing your faithful remnant in this state