Harvest Kid’s
Welcome ALL!
We’re so glad you’re here today!
Join Us as pastors Anastasia and Jared share what cool things the bible has!!!
Get Your Bibles and
lets have 
some Fun With Jesus!
Remember to tell Jesus
Happy Birthday this Christmas!
Thank God! Jesus was born for You!!!
Memory Verse
Luke 2:10-11
Can you Memorize this Verse? Teacher Aaron is going to help!

Praise & Worship

Turn to Luke 2:1-20
Join Teacher Allison as she teaches on how Jesus is born! Celebrate!!!

This Weeks Color Sheet & Activity
Gods Creature Feature

Last Weeks Memory Verse
Isaiah 9:6
Can you Memorize this Verse? Pastor Anastasia is going to help!

Last Weeks Praise & Worship

Last Weeks Lesson
Turn to Matthew 1:18-25
Join Pastor Jared as he teaches on how God sent Jesus into the Earth and sent an Angel to tell Joseph what God did!

Last Weeks Color Sheet & Activity