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Join Us as pastors Anastasia and Jared share what cool things the bible has!!!
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Memory Verse
Galatians 3:6
Can you Memorize this Verse? Pastors Anastasia and Jared are going to help!

Praise & Worship

Turn to Genesis 11:31 – 13:18
Join Pastors Anastasia and Jared as they teach on Gods Call and Blessing for Abraham! 

This Weeks Color Sheet & Activity
Gods Creature Feature

Last Weeks Memory Verse
Psalm 66:7
Can you Memorize this Verse? Teacher Aaron is going to help!

Last Weeks Praise & Worship

Last Weeks Lesson
Turn to Genesis 11:1-9
Join Teachers Allison and Josh as they teach on The Tower of Babel and the dividing of languages! 

Last Weeks Color Sheet & Activity