Harvest Kid’s
Welcome ALL!
We’re so glad you’re here today!
Join Us as pastors Anastasia and Jared share what cool things the bible has!!!
Get Your Bibles and
lets have 
some Fun With Jesus!
Memory Verse
Hebrews 10:25
Can you Memorize this Verse? Teacher Allison is going to help!

Praise & Worship

Turn to Ezra 4-6
Join Teacher Josh as
He teaches a mighty message
God shuts up the evil rulers and
blesses the construction
of His Home!

This Weeks Color Sheet & Activity
Last Weeks Memory Verse
Psalms 18:48-49
Can you Memorize this Verse? Pastor Anastasia is going to help!

Last Weeks Praise & Worship

Turn to Esther
Harvest Kid’s Pastors Anastasia and Jared are teaching about Queen Esther and How God does wonderful things through her to save the Jews!

Last Weeks Color Sheet & Activity