Click on the appropriate link below to setup.
Once you have download the App follow these instructions to set it up:
  1. Hit Get started
  2. Click “Use my location” or select by name and type “Harvest”
  3. It will show you all the churches near by.
  4. Select Harvest Church Int’l
  5. Select “This is my church”
  6. Select “Next”
  7. Enter your cell number to get a verification code or if you prefer you can use an email instead.
  8. You will receive a six digit verification code via your choice from #7
  9. Enter the verification code
  10. Click “Next”
  11. Select your profile
  12. Now you are ready to use the app.
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   – To send you information you requested
   – To contact you in the event of an emergency
   – To send you information about upcoming events or other announcements
For additional information, please refer to our disclosure statement here.