XploreNations (XN) desires to offer higher Biblical education, with a spirit-filled emphasis, to individuals around the globe. There are a variety of dynamics that can hinder students from pursuing that education, such as jobs, finances, transportation, etc. With these factors in mind, XN possesses a combination of features that make it utterly unique in meeting the needs of nearly any student in any nation.
– Harvest Church International partners with XN offering a local campus facilitating both church and individual growth.
– XN is a 4-year degreed program where students can earn their bachelors degree in Biblical Theology
– XN has both a local & international teaching staff of highly experienced ministers, bringing together a variety of ministry gifts to comprise one of the most well-rounded teaching staffs in the world
– XN offers once a week meetings or the option of a once a month condensed seminar.  These meetings may be held in the local church or a common meeting place for a group of united local churches.
– XN is constructed of 9 subjects per year, each with 12 sessions taking place within a one-month time frame 
To enroll or for more information, see Pastor Dave Caprai.
For more information about XploreNations, visit:  http://xplorenations.com