GOD – Our God is one, but revealed in three co-equal, co-eternal persons. The Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.
SCRIPTURE – We believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God.
MAN, HIS FALL AND REDEMPTION – Man is a created being, made in the image of God. Through Adam’s sin mankind was separated from God. Jesus Christ died for our sin, shed His blood to redeem and restore mankind back to God. Rose from the dead to make life available to all who believe.
WATER BAPTISM – Baptism in water is by immersion, is a direct commandment of Jesus, an is for believers only.
COMMUNION – The bread and juice are symbols of the body and blood of Jesus. As often as we receive them we remember and receive all Jesus has made available through His death burial and Resurrection.
BAPTISM IN THE HOLY SPIRIT – A gift from God to all believers to be received by faith as promised by Jesus.
SANCTIFICATION – The process of holiness, a progressive work of grace that begins at the new birth and continues in each believer until Christ’s return.
DIVINE HEALING – Healing is provided for in the redemptive work of Christ, and belongs to every believer today.
ABUNDANCE – God is a God of abundance and provides for every area of a believers life because of the redemptive work of Jesus.
ETERNAL JUDGEMENT – All mankind will be judged. The Believers will stand before God at the judgement seat of Christ to be rewarded for obedience to God’s plan for their life. The Unbeliever will stand before God at the White Throne Judgement, the books of theirlife will be opened and reveal their rejection of Christ. They will experience eternal separation from God in the Lake of Fire.
(Upon request, more information may be obtained regarding our Statement of Faith and the supporting scriptural references.)