Life Word from Pastors Brian & Kelly

November 21, 2017
The Power of Thankful


As we head into the Holiday season, I am always glad that it begins with Thanksgiving. Being thankful is such a powerful, willful exercise of the human soul; a choice you make that no matter what circumstances you are living in. The God who loves me and is mindful of me has created a bright life-filled path for me to walk in that is incredible. If you are currently suffering in any area of your life, just know that “The Power of Thankful” of the Holy Spirit from inside of you can and will help you and strengthen you. But sometimes you just need to stir yourself up by being Thankful!


So think about things you can be Thankful for. Even though you may have challenges at the moment there are always things the Holy Spirit can remind you of those things. As God was giving to Israel the different offerings, He said,


“If you present your peace offering as an expression of thanksgiving, the usual animal sacrifice must be accompanied by various kinds of bread made without yeast—thin cakes mixed with olive oil, wafers spread with oil, and cakes made of choice flour mixed with olive oil.”  Leviticus 7:12 NLT

He said when thanksgiving is involved in the peace offering this has to be added elements. With each of these added elements, oil must be mixed with them or spread on them. Oil always represents the Holy Spirit. During this holiday season turn on the mixer! Let the Holy Spirit Be spread over and on everything you do. Don’t be trapped in a complaining. discontented attitude of poor me. Reach inside where The Holy Spirit abides and offer Thanksgiving Mixed & Spread with the Holy Spirit! Change the atmosphere around you and the attitude in you by “The Power of Thankful.”

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